57 Projects

el anatsui El Anatsui installation, Channel 4, London 2008

05-05-2008 to 05-01-2009

Working with a team of other fabricators to create the surface of the Channel 4 symbol as designed by El Anatsui.

clocks burning Burning The Clocks 2003-2008

15-12-2003 to 21-12-2008

Annual Winter Solstice lantern parade attracting an audience of over 20,000 for the beach front fire show and fireworks finale.

Something wishful 'Something Wishful' Chester 2008

11-12-2008 to 13-12-2008

The Oracle Christmas light launch 2008

20-11-2008 to 22-11-2008

A nighttime outdo.or spectacular of lighting, pyrotechnics and performance

The Bell

18-10-2008 to 24-10-2008

ragroof Shall we dance? Ragroof Theatre 2008

13-07-2008 to 30-09-2008

A versatile tea dance event with outdoor dance floor.

Silk Screens, Manchester 2008

17-07-2008 to 19-07-2008

A celebration of British Chinese Culture across 4 cities involving theatre and live multi media screenings.

The Bell, summer tour 2008

08-05-2008 to 04-07-2008

paradise gardens Paradise Gardens

24-05-2008 to 25-05-2008

Albert patrolled the event making sure that the participants at this 21st Century Pleasure Garden were on their best behaviour.

Spin Vox Spinvox 'Wishing Well' 2008

05-12-2008 to 07-01-2008

Working with a team of other fabricators to Build, install and de-rig Spinvox's Wishing Well structure.

poster Land of Cockaigne, Fabrica, Brighton 2007

25-09-2007 to 11-11-2007

Rigging the technical element of an installation which was based upon video taken from a camera obscura in the Sussex Downs.

procession Bloomsbury Festival 2007

18-10-2007 to 19-10-2007

A community event to celebrate Diwali and halloween as the opening event of Bloomsbury Festival

aberdyffi Aberdyffi Community Festival 2004-2007

21-09-2007 to 28-09-2007

The final procession is the culmination of a week of community workshops, that meanders through the streets to the beach for a showpiece of pyrotechnics and theatre.

car free Streets for People, Car free day, Brighton 2007

23-09-2007 to 23-09-2007

Car Free Day celebrates the Lanes and New Road in Brighton being transformed into a traffic free, pedestrian friendly space with live music, performance and activities for hundreds of local residents and visitors.

flyer 'Dream with me,' Hastings castle 2007

20-09-2007 to 22-09-2007

Live performance, giant puppetry, video projection, mad machinery and an all encompassing soundscape draws you into a dream world

pride, babs float Brighton Pride 2007

25-07-2007 to 04-08-2007

Brighton Pride is the biggest and best Lesbian, Gay and Trans-gender Pride Festival in the country, attracting 120,000 people.

Albert and friend Fuse Festival, Medway 2007

12-05-2007 to 12-05-2007

The Fuse Festival is a 15 day celebration of arts and creativity that challenges mainstream culture.

Falkirk flyer Big In Falkirk, 2007

05-05-2007 to 06-05-2007

Big in Falkirk, Scotland's biggest street arts festival proved a massive hit as crowds in excess of 100,000 flocked to Calandar Park for the 2-day festival.

catherine wheel Opening Spectacular, Party on the Square, Nottingham 2007

22-03-2007 to 25-03-2007

EEA worked with Nottingham Council to create an extravaganza celebrating the opening of the new Market square in the centre of the city.

crackers Crackers? Sydney Festival 2007

04-01-2007 to 31-01-2007

The World Famous is an internationally acclaimed company of creative pyrotechnicians, with a passion for playing with fire. Their latest creation- a free event for those who dare- is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Dublin Festival of Lights, Dublin, 2006

24-11-2006 to 27-11-2006

A celebration of the turning on of the Christmas lights in central Dublin. Four large processions involving hundreds of children from local schools converged on O'Connell st for the finale.

catherine wheel Crackers? The World Famous, Belfast 2006

16-10-2006 to 21-10-2006

The World Famous performed the opening event for Belfast festival. The festival is Ireland's largest International Arts Festival

hero Hero, Radiator Arts 2006

11-09-2006 to 24-09-2006

Radiator Arts, renegade Pyrotechnics and composer Juliette Russell fused artistic talents to bring about 'Hero', a co-production commissioned by Coastal Currents Festival.

croissant neuf Big Green Gathering 2001- 2006

03-08-2006 to 07-08-2006

The Big Green Gathering is the largest event of it's kind in Britain. Stretching over five days it encompasses all aspects of the environmental movement as well as music, art and performance.

Glade The Glade Festival, 2006

14-07-2006 to 16-07-2006

The Glade stage at Glastonbury Festival has been the forum for cutting edge electronic and dance music.

wall mounted fans Festival Club, Winchester Hat Fair 2006

00-00-0000 to 02-07-2006

Hat Fair is Britain's longest running celebration Street Arts and Community Festival.

Burning Bright- The World Famous, 2006

24-06-2006 to 25-06-2006

A fantastic finale to the 10th Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.

rocket Rocket Festival 2006

19-05-2006 to 21-05-2006

Innerfield, Planet Yes and Turbo Zone presented three days of music and arts in the heart of Andalucia, Spain

albert stops for a chat Streets of Brighton, 2006

11-05-2006 to 13-05-2006

The Streets of Brighton 2006 was the 12th consecutive year of the festival, which has established itself as one of the leading street art festivals in the UK.

fire angel Groupe F- The Light Players, 2006

09-05-2006 to 13-05-2006

France's Groupe F returned for Brighton Festival's 40th anniversary for a pioneering show.

'White Horse' Video 2006

12-04-2006 to 13-04-2006

This was the video to accompany Trisco's 'White Horse' dance track, commissioned by Ministry Of Sound and played on MTV.

lumos Lumos 'Burning Desires' 2006

18-02-2006 to 25-02-2006

An 18 month project culminating in a multi-disciplined finale event for an audience of 1500

christmas lights North Laines Christmas Lights 2005

23-11-2005 to 13-01-2006

The North Laine Traders Association approached Same Sky to come up with a festive lighting solution for the North Laine area of Brighton.

Ryde Lights of Love Parade, 2005

19-11-2005 to 21-12-2005

This is the fourth year of Ryde's winter Lights of Love parade that has spawned 7 new lantern processions throughout the island.

fabrica Impossible Geographies 1.1:Memory, Fabrica 2005

19-11-2005 to 21-12-2005

An interactive installation in Brighton's premier contemporary art gallery.

Machynllyth Samhain Celebration, Machynllyth, 2005

26-10-2005 to 31-10-2005

A record number of people processed past Machynlleth's famous clock tower, lighting up the streets with an array of lanterns.

flyer The 8th International Figure Theatre Festival 2005

11-10-2005 to 15-10-2005

This festival of International puppetry is based around the coastal town centre in various outdoor and indoor venues.

bus stop ogre 3B Street Festival 2005

03-09-2005 to 17-09-2005

The 3B Street Fest brings together the 3 boroughs of Sutton, Lewisham and Enfield over consecutive weekends in a celebration of London's regions and street arts

peoples day Lewisham Peoples' Day and Carnival 2005

09-07-2005 to 10-07-2005

This was the 21st year of one of the UK's most successful community events. A celebratory whole weekend was made of a usually one-day event.

look up 'Crackers', Brighton Festival 2005

07-05-2005 to 14-05-2005

Crackers? Is not for the faint of heart. A celebration of the explosive and dangerous beauty of fire and fireworks, the show is performed 'in the round', with the audience surrounded by fire and smoke, spinning wheels and fireworks.

National Adventure Sports Show, 2004

07-07-2004 to 07-07-2004

This is Europe's biggest annual adventure and street sports event.

eden 'Finding Eden', 2004-2006

24-03-2004 to 06-04-2004

The French Tour of a show created as part of the Intereg funding stream. The show was toured to 5 towns in Normandy over a 2 week period. Later the show toured small Sussex villages.

mela Baishaki Mela 2004

03-04-2004 to 03-04-2004

Established as the premier Bengali celebration outside of Bangladesh.

unicorn Lions and Unicorns, 2003

07-06-2003 to 07-06-2003

Workshops within local schools culminated in a procession to celebrate the church's restorations reinstatement of lion and unicorn statues on the steeple.

afterdark 'After Dark' 2002

27-09-2002 to 27-09-2002

A theatrical trail through the park visiting various installations along the way before a finale centred around a large-scale automation, which had performers, water, live flame and pyrotechnics.

fallas Gigantic 2005-2008

Schools, local musicians, artists and residents worked together in a series of music, singing, and performance workshops to create their own village giant with story and song, all culminating in a finale performance with fire show and pyrotechnics.

Blue Peter 2004

Same Sky were invited to be part of the Mayor's Thames Festival which was featured on the BBC Childrens' programme.

decor Lewisham Peoples' Day 2004-2008

This is one of the UK's most successful community events.

Thames festival Thames festival 2005-2008

Victoria Embankment and Black Friars Bridge were closed to traffic for the night carnival's 2500 performers, dancers and musicians with their amazing lanterns, illuminated costumes and fantastic floats.

Motion House, Brighton Festival 2008

18-05-2008 to

Motionhouse's show 'Underground' set within a rotating, rocking tubular structure performed by 4 dancers.

Bandstand Glastonbury Festival 1998-2008

Glastonbury Festival is the largest contemporary arts event of its kind in Europe.

parade Childrens' Parade 2004-2008

The Brighton Festival Childrens' Parade has grown over the last 17 years into one of the most spectacular community events of its type in the country with upto 4000 participants and an audience of over 10,000

lewisham lights up Lewisham Lights Up 2005-08

Hundreds of people thronged into Lewisham Market's focal area for the annual town centre Winter Festival.

can't find big enough shoes Winchester Hat Fair, 2000-2008

Hat Fair is Britain's longest running Celebration of Street Arts and Community.

The Temple Gardens, Victoria Embankment London

09-07-2008 to

Arts Fresco, Market Harborough, 2003-2008

This is Market Harborough's annual street arts event, bringing to life the town centre.

steve thomas, breeze photos Spiritus Stilting Workshops 2006-2008

Spiritus are a carnival arts group based in Uckfield. The members are mainly students from Uckfield Community Technology College.

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